Bennie the BackboneTM

Teaching chiropractic just got easier!

How to use Bennie

Congratulations on joining the many other healthcare professionals who utilize a mascot and simple concepts found in a children's book to reach out to your community!  Bennie wants to help you connect, engage, and teach parents and children about the importance of spinal care starting at a young age.  Bennie Gets Adjusted; A Chiropractic Story was designed specifically to speak to both parents and children.  Children can connect with Jan, the little girl in the story.  They learn about their back and nervous system with Bennie and his brothers and sisters.  They feel comfortable knowing what a chiropractic office looks like and what a chiropractor looks for.  Over the years of caring for many children, it quickly became apparent that the ones who need the most education about spinal health are the parents.  They are the ones who will follow through on important lifestyle changes that will make a difference for their child for years to come.  As chiropractors, we all know that families who receive chiropractic care together engage in healthier habits together and are much more likely to stick together with these habits for a lifetime.  Bennie is a character who will connect with both children and parents.     


In your community, use the book as a guest reader at local schools, mom's groups, church groups, libraries, and even as a special workshop designed for your current little patients in your office.  Reach out to these groups in your community and offer to read the book as part of your education program.  Children and parents can relate to simple concepts.  One of the most important pages for parents is the one in which Dr. Kate explains how subluxations can occur.  Parents will immediately understand how the common day to day stressors can significantly impact their child's spine.  You become the authority in spinal care for children!  With Bennie, you have the opportunity to connect with children on a fun yet important level. 


In your practice, use Bennie Gets Adjusted to celebrate a young patient's first adjustment, a birthday, or as a special gift for not missing appointments.  Host a children's workshop for an afternoon and hand out Bennie's Book for prizes.  The possibilities are endless!  They will never forget where their gift came from and it will be a book that can be cherished forever in their home.


Use the Activity Book to leave a lasting impression!   Bennie's Activity Book offers more ways for kids to be active participants in understanding how the nervous system works.  They will learn words specific to chiropractic and utilize chiropractic concepts throughout the activities.  Offer the Activity Book as a gift to each child who attends your community program, hand them out at screenings, or donate them to a classroom.  The entire family will learn important concepts as the work through the pages together. 

 All Bennie books have a beautifully illustrated page with a dedicated space for your office information to be placed.  Bennie products are thoughtfully designed to take the chiropractic message and understanding to the pediatric population.  We continue to add several new and exciting products that you can add to your Bennie collection and provide a fun and informative way to communicate chiropractic care for children to your community.  


We know the more we reach and teach our community, the more they will understand and utilize chiropractic care as a means for a stronger, healthier body for a lifetime.  Join other chiropractors who are using the Bennie the BackboneTM line of teaching tools to teach a positive message to children and parents around the world!

Children love to learn!