Bennie the BackboneTM

Teaching chiropractic just got easier!


Dr. Kate would like to express her gratitude to several people. 


A loving thank you to my wonderful husband for being so supportive of this endeavor.  A special thank you to my children Raegan, Nolan, Ian, and Bevin; Bennie's first little fans!  


My illustrator, Melissa, it has certainly been a journey!  Thank you for bringing my vision to life with your talents! 


To my mother, a retired elementary school teacher; my friend Rebecca, a children's librarian; and, my cousin, Stephanie, an English teacher- thank you for sharing your expertise!


To my editors, Elizabeth and Anna, for helping me to see this book through the eyes of  seasoned authors. 


To my "publisher", Pam McCallum.  Thank you for your patience, and willingness as a professional publisher, to walk me through this self publishing process.


In 2002, I had the privilege of attending my first my pediatric class with Dr. Meghan Van Loon.  She opened my eyes to the importance of chiropractic care for children and encouraged me to pursue training specific to children and chiropractic.  In 2008, I received my Diplomate in pediatrics from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  I am eternally grateful not only for the path she guided me onto but for the many children's lives who have been changed because of this. 

Last, but not least, thank you to my fellow chiropractors, who fill my cup up with a desire to share the chiropractic message for the most critically important group- the children.   


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